Our Legacy

After the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965 were enacted, the number of African Americans elected to public office increased substantially, with the most dramatic gains coming in the South at the mayoral level. After the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy, many on his presidential campaign vowed to seek public office, lifting his campaign slogan to frame their own--they were going to "sock it to them for Bobby." This spirit and tradition of brotherhood gave our organization the girth and strength to stand the test of time.

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Our Values

Central to our work is building the strength of our families and sustainability of our neighborhoods, which are the cornerstone of an ever increasing interconnected global community.  We work to eradicate inequalities and dehumanization that contribute to the marginalization of communities of color. We are committed to ensuring that our member mayors and the citizens that they represent and serve have the capacity to access, utilize and leverage the resources and tools necessary to improving their quality of life.

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Our Priorities

Our main purpose is providing technical assistance to our member mayors that bolsters trust, trade, tourism and training. We focus on these four areas because collectively they not only form the basis for policy development, advocacy and collaboration to support the growth of various sectors in the municipalities represented by our membership, but they also contribute to the leadership development of our member mayors. These priorities also lay the groundwork and fortify working relationships with sister cities both in the U.S. and abroad.

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A Bridge For The Diaspora

We shifted the paradigm for local government by becoming citizens of the global community, placing our member Mayors, many of whom have been traditionally marginalized and overlooked in the United States, now at the table in this country and around the world.

This vision to connect the Diaspora through the work of Mayors has empowered our organization to capture a foundational niche on a global platform while strengthening the funding streams of the organization and creating opportunity for trade, tourism and economic growth within our Member Mayor cities.

As Mayors, we serve as a conduit to ensure that developing countries are electing officials that are trained in good governance and democracy. We  are helping to be an agent for peace through our ability as Mayors to assist in the alleviation of problems or challenges that other Mayors around the world are facing simply through an exchange of information, technology or techniques.

We were blessed to be born in a country with vast resources. Because we are blessed, much is expected of us to ensure that the least of these God's children are also afforded the opportunity to provide their citizens with a decent quality of life. The best is yet to come if we each play our part.


"The modern world must remember that in this age when the ends of the world are being brought so near together the millions of black men in Africa, America and the Islands of the Sea, not to speak of the brown and yellow myriads elsewhere, are bound to have a great influence upon the world in the future."   - W.E.B. DuBois, "To The Nations of The World"
First Pan-African Convention (July 25, 1900) London


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