Our Mission

The Conference of Black Mayors (CBM) is the International Association of Mayors of African Descent and Heritage. Originally founded, June 19, 2011, by the Board of Directors of the National Conference of Black Mayors (NCBM) and partnering nations; these visionary Mayors and leaders united for the purpose and vision of establishing the platform in which education, empowerment and economic development through trust, trade, training and tourism could be established.  Answering the clarion call to erase the cultural divide that had been established through distance, language barriers and lack of resources, our founders believed, that the Office of the Mayor could serve as a conduit connecting the resources, talents and skill sets necessary to develop sustainable communities creating a greater quality of life for the constituencies in which they collectively serve. Today, the CBM proudly represents the well over 39,000 African American, African, Afro-Caribbean, Latino and European Mayors and local elected officials located throughout the African Diaspora.

Our President

The Honorable Gary Richardson
Mayor of Midfield, Alabama

Our Team

dedicated to empowering our mayors and their communities

Vanessa R. Williams

CEO & Secretary-General

VRW pic

Dora Muhammad


dym pic 2

Joseph Gotran

Director of Caribbean Affairs


Abu Baker Kabanda

Director of African Affairs



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